Immortelle: The Everlasting Flower


STORY AND SYMBOLISM: The name Immortelle - ‘everlasting’ came about because it retains its intense sun-filled yellow colour even when dried: their petals will neither fade nor wilt. This is why they were often favoured in the 19th century to make up the funeral wreathes laid at the tomb of a departed loved one… Objects made from immortelles suggest that the Immortelle flowers served as markers of continuity in a world challenged by uncertainty and change, and the flower became a symbol of Immortality through memory.

SCENT: Honeyed notes of warm spice, herbaceous hay-like curry, succulent earthy fruit.

BEAUTY: Ever-lasting Radiance! Due to its potent restorative cell regenerating properties, Immortelle enhances healing and rejuvenation, improving the appearance of skin ‘imperfections’: wrinkles, scars and blemishes. Improves elasticity.

MAGIC: Inhale dreamy mountain meadows - comforting in their golden warmth, and freeing in their altitude. Immortelle is said to have a relaxing and elevating effect on the mind, increase dream activity, stimulate imagination and intuition.

MEDICINE: Anti-Inflammatory, analgesic. Immortelle is used in mixtures for reliving rosecea symptoms and treating acne (or other) scarring.



Welcome to the team Nicholas and Tanner!

And then there were three! Welcome to the Sangre de Fruta team Nicholas and Tanner! I am thrilled to be working with these two wonderfully creative and passionate talents to bring the next chapter of the Sangre de Fruta vision to fruition. 

Over two years ago now I launched Sangre de Fruta with big dreams and a lot of uncertainty. Thank you for joining me and supporting Sangre de Fruta so far on the journey! I'm over the moon to say that with the growth of Sangre de Fruta more little dreams (products, ideas, visions) will be coming alive. 

You can expect new creations to indulge your senses with texture, scent at the forefront using the most natural, ethical and beautiful ingredients we can find. And of course always made by hand with beauty, healing, and a touch of magic.  #beautymagicmedicine





At the end of the feast all that remains is the memory of sensual delight

The Sangre de Fruta products have been created to indulge the senses to take you somewhere or bring attention to the present moment. Like rituals of eating, self-care or beauty rituals can be as meaningful, rejuvenating and sensual as you make them.  

 Photography by Rachel Topham

Photography by Rachel Topham

 Photography by Rachel Topham.

Photography by Rachel Topham.

 Photography by Rachel Topham.

Photography by Rachel Topham.


We’ve added a special edition scent to our signature Botanical Body Cream collection! This is the first new scent we've added to the collection of creams since launching almost 2 years ago. We've given it an extra special packaging featuring a beautiful beetle that a dear friend photographed on one of the islands off the coast of Vancouver.

 Jasmine, ‘Queen of the Night’, has long been used in love potions due to its powerful reputation as an aphrodisiac. Beyond the sensuality of the fragrance, Jasmine is beneficial to all skin types and especially helpful for dry, sensitive skin, and for reducing stretch marks and scarring. We’ve blended it with Sandalwood, also renowned for it’s skin revitalization properties and fittingly, it’s hypnotic fragrance. This cream has raised the bar for decadence in a jar! We can't wait for you to try it.


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We're thrilled to announce...

Our signature Botanical Body Cream which Goop describes as 'Exquisitely moisturizing, gorgeous-smelling, beyond-clean-and-non-toxicis being featured in this years Goop Pop-Up shop at Nordstrom! The featured scent, Vetiver & Fleur, is Goops best selling scent in the Sangre de Fruta collection and is described poetically by their beauty editor in a recent feature.

In celebration of the launch we're offering a complementary travel size (30 ml) Vetiver & Fleur cream with all purchases on our website. (Valid May 18 - May 25). Enter code 'VETIVER' at checkout. 

 Penelope and I checking out the Vancouver shop : )

Penelope and I checking out the Vancouver shop : )

Couldn't have said it better ourselves...

Lola Gusman of the cheeky and chic blog "The Hermes Hippie" captured an element of the Sangre de Fruta brand so eloquently, we just couldn't help but share it... 

 Photo by @thehermeshippie

Photo by @thehermeshippie

There is beauty in darkness - any goth will tell you that - and more often than not, a moody exterior conceals a radiant spirit. At first glance, @sangredefruta may seem like the perfect gift for the vampire-loving goth in your life. There's the name, with the word "blood" right in the title (of the fruit, but let's not allow details get in the way of the narrative). Then there's the black and white packaging, the vaguely gothic font and the scarab-like logo. Here's the thing though: what's inside these goth-y bottles and jars is, well, utterly delightful. The waterless body creams are incredibly rich and lush and have beautiful, yet gentle scents that won't compete with your perfume. Chamomile Anis has that perfect, bright anis-y tang in the warm base of chamomile, while Lavender By the Sea is crisp and sharp. Then there's the unscented version - a gift for sensitive noses and us preggos. The Chamomile Nu oil is light and fast-absorbing and its scent is actually more complex than implied by its name: the chamomile mingles with lavender and jasmine and the result is lightly floral and sensual. As for @sangredefruta's Botanical Tonics, they are a simple blend of plant EOs and water and can be used for your face, body and linens. The lavender one lives on my office desk and is a perfect way to wake up my skin (and calm me down after stressful conference calls). The Egyptian Chamomile one I keep by my bed and mist liberally all over myself and my pillows, with the soothing scent of chamomile sending me to gentle slumber. Are you ready to embrace the dark? - The Hermes Hippie

Read more of Lola's words on green skincare here.


 Photography by Iulia Agnew

Photography by Iulia Agnew


Body Parts - Don’t forget you can incorporate fists, elbows, and draping your body on your partner.

Touch - Use a combination of more therapeutic strokes, interspersed with light, feather touch using just your finger tips or finger nails to accentuate the sensual element. 

Pressure - Soft to medium pressure. The massage will be more sensual if you keep it lighter. 

Head and scalp -  Often forgotten is the head. Use all of your fingers to massage the entire scalp. Lift the head as needed, supporting it with one hand as you massage with the other. Gather sections of the hair and pull gently. 

Letting go - Encourage your partner to let go and NOT to help you in terms of moving their body into different positions. They are giving you the most help if they remain loose and limp and allow you to manipulate them as you desire.

Connection - Leave one hand or limb resting on your partners body while you move around their body or reach for more oil so the energy flow isn’t disturbed. 

Oil - Warm your massage oil in your hands before application. Sangre de Fruta’s Body Serums are fabulous for massage. Choose 'Jasmin de Nuit' for it’s aphrodisiac qualities, ‘Camomile Nu’ for it’s relaxing properties or ‘Mille Fleurs’ for it’s uplifting, energizing properties. 

Ambience - Add candles, soft fabrics, an eye mask and have a robe on hand for afterwards. 

Enjoy - most importantly enjoy the exploration of your partners body so you both benefit from the experience!

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