STORY Historically Frankincense is one of those magical, spiritual, medicinal essential oils important in various cultures in various centuries around the world. The Ancient Egyptians burnt it at alters as offerings to the gods, the Chinese used is to heal turburculosis and it’s name was derived from the French- it means ‘true incense’. 

Frankincense was valued more than gold in during ancient times and was a coveted item travelling great distances in the oil trade. Given this contest it is understandable why it was said to have been a gift to baby jesus along with Myrrh and Gold. 

SCENT Haunting and fresh with a hint of citrus

AROMATHERAPY PROPERTIES Slows down breathing, producing a sense of calm. It’s said to be helpful for anxious and obsessive states linked to the past. 

EFFECT ON SKIN Balances oily conditions, rejuvenates aging skin, smooths wrinkles and it’s helpful in healing wounds and inflammation. 

MEDICINE In addition to a long list of medicinal uses, it has recently been said to have powerful Cancer-Fighting properties

SANGRE DE FRUTA USE  Melaleuca & Frank(incense) Botanical Body Cream and Lotion, Persephone & Psyche Face Oils


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