Our Botanical Tonics are made with the finest essential oils to bring freshness of well-being to your skin, body and spirit. All essential oils have been chosen for their therapeutic aromatherapy properties, their sensual fragrance, and their beautifying effect on the skin. Whether misting your face, linens, or your lover, Sangre de Fruta Botanical Tonics offer simple, sensual tonics for a kaleidoscope of moments.


Egyptian Chamomile makes a coveted deep blue essential oil that calms and relaxes the nervous system and mind whilst soothing irritated, dry skin, and balancing the complexion. Its fragrance is a deep, warm, comforting floral. We recommend this tonic as a bedside table sleep-aid or for day-lounging.

Melaleuca & Frank refreshens and cleanses the air, energy and skin. By blending three ancient healing powerhouses - Tea Tree, Frankincense and Sage - we arrive at a slightly astringent blend that gives new life to ageing skin, balances oily skin conditions, clears the pores and revitalises the nervous system. The scent is a cool, green, and earthy. 

Rose No.1 Rose Otto - true rose - opens the heart, calms the nervous system and promotes self-confidence. Its fragrance is of fresh morning dew on a crisp rose that settles into a warm, deep floral. Long a symbol of love and purity, perfumers still adore this exquisite oil for its fragrance, whilst the beauty industry prizes it for its gentle and rejuvenating benefits to the skin. We love it for all these reasons. 

Neroli Forever contains the hypnotic and euphoric orange blossom oil, which has an uplifting effect and is helpful for both stress and anxiety. Excellent for all skin types, it is particularly beneficial for sensitive, dry, mature skin as it aids in restoring the elasticity and regenerate skin cells. Neroli has a scent that occillates between rose and citrus, whilst reaching a light oriental tone.

Mille Fleurs with its lush blend of flower essences stimulates and restores ones energy and provokes the senses. Rose Geranium is beneficial for cleansing and balancing all skin types, whilst the floral blend both lifts and grounds the spirit. Bright, fresh and round florals are delicately blended like a brilliantly arranged bouquet. 

Lavender by the Sea offers its healing and beautifying energy from both a magical plant and the ocean it grows near. Cleansing and soothing to the spirit, this mist soothes the central nervous system and is a tonic for most skin types, as it promotes growth of new cells and helps to balance sebum production. Our English Lavender is from a small organic farm on an island off the West Coast of Canada. Its scent is a combination of floral and herbaceous tones giving it an exotic complexity. Perhaps it is the wild sea air brushing through each sweet strand of the herb.