Photography by Iulia Agnew

Photography by Iulia Agnew


Body Parts - Don’t forget you can incorporate fists, elbows, and draping your body on your partner.

Touch - Use a combination of more therapeutic strokes, interspersed with light, feather touch using just your finger tips or finger nails to accentuate the sensual element. 

Pressure - Soft to medium pressure. The massage will be more sensual if you keep it lighter. 

Head and scalp -  Often forgotten is the head. Use all of your fingers to massage the entire scalp. Lift the head as needed, supporting it with one hand as you massage with the other. Gather sections of the hair and pull gently. 

Letting go - Encourage your partner to let go and NOT to help you in terms of moving their body into different positions. They are giving you the most help if they remain loose and limp and allow you to manipulate them as you desire.

Connection - Leave one hand or limb resting on your partners body while you move around their body or reach for more oil so the energy flow isn’t disturbed. 

Oil - Warm your massage oil in your hands before application. Sangre de Fruta’s Body Serums are fabulous for massage. Choose 'Jasmin de Nuit' for it’s aphrodisiac qualities, ‘Camomile Nu’ for it’s relaxing properties or ‘Mille Fleurs’ for it’s uplifting, energizing properties. 

Ambience - Add candles, soft fabrics, an eye mask and have a robe on hand for afterwards. 

Enjoy - most importantly enjoy the exploration of your partners body so you both benefit from the experience!

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