Photography by Iulia Agnew

Photography by Iulia Agnew


Body Parts - Don’t forget you can incorporate fists, elbows, and draping your body on your partner.

Touch - Use a combination of more therapeutic strokes, interspersed with light, feather touch using just your finger tips or finger nails to accentuate the sensual element. 

Pressure - Soft to medium pressure. The massage will be more sensual if you keep it lighter. 

Head and scalp -  Often forgotten is the head. Use all of your fingers to massage the entire scalp. Lift the head as needed, supporting it with one hand as you massage with the other. Gather sections of the hair and pull gently. 

Letting go - Encourage your partner to let go and NOT to help you in terms of moving their body into different positions. They are giving you the most help if they remain loose and limp and allow you to manipulate them as you desire.

Connection - Leave one hand or limb resting on your partners body while you move around their body or reach for more oil so the energy flow isn’t disturbed. 

Oil - Warm your massage oil in your hands before application. Sangre de Fruta’s Body Serums are fabulous for massage. Choose 'Jasmin de Nuit' for it’s aphrodisiac qualities, ‘Camomile Nu’ for it’s relaxing properties or ‘Mille Fleurs’ for it’s uplifting, energizing properties. 

Ambience - Add candles, soft fabrics, an eye mask and have a robe on hand for afterwards. 

Enjoy - most importantly enjoy the exploration of your partners body so you both benefit from the experience!

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Commonly knows as Tea Tree, Melaleuca is a super-healer from the south


STORY  The legends and practice of using the oil produced from the Melaleuca Alternofolia tree have been passed down for thousands of years by Australian Aborigines. They used it to cure infectious wounds, coughs and colds and skin ailments but the small tree that grows like a weed was only introduced as a healer in Europe in 1927. Since then it’s anti-infectious and anti-fungal properties have been well researched and utilized in aromatherapy and herbal medicine worldwide. 

SCENT Fresh, herbaceous, medicinal

AROMATHERAPY PROPERTIES  Strengthens the immune system, sweats out toxins

EFFECT ON SKIN Very cleansing, helpful for clearing spots and blemishes and skin infections

MEDICINE  In world war II itwas included in first aid kits in tropical areas to treat skin injuries. We've heard from our clients that our Melaleuca & Frank Cream (which also includes Frankincense and Sage) has been extremely healing for their eczema. 

HISTORY OF THE NAME The legend told is that when Captain Cook arrived in 'Botany Bay' in Australia, local natives introduced Cook to the healing powers of trees with thick sticky and aromatic leaves and showed him how they used the leaves to treat cuts and wounds.  It is also said that Cook and his crew brewed the leaves to make a tea to prevent scurvy, thus the name, “Tea Tree.”

SANGRE DE FRUTA USE  Melaleuca & Frank Botanical Body Cream (100 ML, 50ML, Healing Botanicals Trio)


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Light and  fluid consistency, essential for summer 

Today felt like the first day of summer on the West Coast of Canada. We are proud to present the 200 ml Body Lotion, just in time for Summer. Like our Botanical Body Cream, the Lotion is purely made from oils, butters and essential oils. It's a special water-less formulation that offers a richness to the healing properties, as well as the texture. There are absolutely no fillers or synthetics preservatives - every ingredient is there to feed your skin. This unique formulation offers all the luxury of our signature cream, but in a convenient, fluid consistency. It is wonderful as an elixir to finish off a sun soaked day. 

The Lotion is available in our signature scents : Rose No.1, Neroli Forever, Melaleuca&Frank, Lavender By The Sea and Vetiver& Fleur, Chamomile & Anise.  Shop the Collection.