Immortelle: The Everlasting Flower


STORY AND SYMBOLISM: The name Immortelle - ‘everlasting’ came about because it retains its intense sun-filled yellow colour even when dried: their petals will neither fade nor wilt. This is why they were often favoured in the 19th century to make up the funeral wreathes laid at the tomb of a departed loved one… Objects made from immortelles suggest that the Immortelle flowers served as markers of continuity in a world challenged by uncertainty and change, and the flower became a symbol of Immortality through memory.

SCENT: Honeyed notes of warm spice, herbaceous hay-like curry, succulent earthy fruit.

BEAUTY: Ever-lasting Radiance! Due to its potent restorative cell regenerating properties, Immortelle enhances healing and rejuvenation, improving the appearance of skin ‘imperfections’: wrinkles, scars and blemishes. Improves elasticity.

MAGIC: Inhale dreamy mountain meadows - comforting in their golden warmth, and freeing in their altitude. Immortelle is said to have a relaxing and elevating effect on the mind, increase dream activity, stimulate imagination and intuition.

MEDICINE: Anti-Inflammatory, analgesic. Immortelle is used in mixtures for reliving rosecea symptoms and treating acne (or other) scarring.



Welcome to the team Nicholas and Tanner!

And then there were three! Welcome to the Sangre de Fruta team Nicholas and Tanner! I am thrilled to be working with these two wonderfully creative and passionate talents to bring the next chapter of the Sangre de Fruta vision to fruition. 

Over two years ago now I launched Sangre de Fruta with big dreams and a lot of uncertainty. Thank you for joining me and supporting Sangre de Fruta so far on the journey! I'm over the moon to say that with the growth of Sangre de Fruta more little dreams (products, ideas, visions) will be coming alive. 

You can expect new creations to indulge your senses with texture, scent at the forefront using the most natural, ethical and beautiful ingredients we can find. And of course always made by hand with beauty, healing, and a touch of magic.  #beautymagicmedicine





We’ve added a special edition scent to our signature Botanical Body Cream collection! This is the first new scent we've added to the collection of creams since launching almost 2 years ago. We've given it an extra special packaging featuring a beautiful beetle that a dear friend photographed on one of the islands off the coast of Vancouver.

 Jasmine, ‘Queen of the Night’, has long been used in love potions due to its powerful reputation as an aphrodisiac. Beyond the sensuality of the fragrance, Jasmine is beneficial to all skin types and especially helpful for dry, sensitive skin, and for reducing stretch marks and scarring. We’ve blended it with Sandalwood, also renowned for it’s skin revitalization properties and fittingly, it’s hypnotic fragrance. This cream has raised the bar for decadence in a jar! We can't wait for you to try it.


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STORY  The delicate white flowers of this climbing tree are picked when the aroma is the most intense- at night. ‘Queen of the Night’, has long been used in love potions due to it’s powerful reputation as an aphrodisiac. It’s production requires huge quantities of flowers to make the oil and it’s extraction requires a delicate process and great skill making it precious and expensive.  One pound of Jasmine oil requires about 1,000 pounds of jasmine or 3.6 million fresh blossoms. 

SCENT  Rich, warm, heavy and fruity, intensely floral

AROMATHERAPY PROPERTIES Jasmine has an overall warming feeling to the emotions, it’s calming to the nerves and produces positive feelings of confidence. It restores vitality and is generally energizing. 

PERFUME  "Despite all the crisis, all the economic challenges, all the competition from synthetic products, the perfume of the jasmine flower remains one of the essential elements, and sometimes the main pillar in the structure of the greatest perfumes. " - Grasse chemist, Jean Garnero

EFFECT ON SKIN It’s a highly effective balm for dry and sensitive skin, and beneficial for all skin types. When blended with oils such as Lavender and Mandarin, it is used to soften stretch marks and scarring. It is also helpful for wrinkles and eczema. 

MEDICINE The essence is said to be helpful during labour to hasten delivery by strengthening contractions while helping with pain. Also reported to help relieve menstrual cramps and combat stress. 

SANGRE DE FRUTA USE  Jasmin de Nuit Tonic & Jasmin de Nuit Body Serum


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A treat for yourself or a loved one

We're excited to announce that we'll have more Collection Gift Sets in stock for February including this decadent 'True Rose Collection'. There is nothing as deeply familiar yet erotic as the scent of organic Rose Otto essential oil. This sweet box contains 3 of our best selling products made with the oil.

Learn more about the history and uses of Rose Otto oil in our ingredients section. 

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Ask Jean: A Truly Feel-Good Beauty Product 

Dear Jean, I want something lovely and genuinely feel-good to take my mind off the end-of-year craziness. Is there an indulgent product you might suggest? — Carolina H.

Dear Carolina, beauty products that exist chiefly for the pleasure of using them—as opposed to those that treat real or perceived issues—are especially beautiful. The phrase “self-care” has always stopped me, a little: It sounds sad in some way. But like watering a plant, growth is impossible without taking care of yourself. And at the same time, the only real way through difficulty is to stick as much as you can to the present. So beauty—the realm of the senses, from nature, art, and music to touch, smell, taste—is more important than ever. 

The item that sees me through difficulty of ilks is this tub of whipped, exquisitely moisturizing, gorgeous-smelling, beyond-clean-and-nontoxic cream from Sangre de Fruta (was there ever a more evocative name?). The texture is just one of the most gorgeous ever felt—no conventional cream I’ve ever tried matches its delicacy and lightness, yet somehow, it leaves your skin deeply, intensely moisturized. The subtle scent is like nothing I’ve ever smelled. If the idea of “fleur” and floral in general is unappealing to you, try it anyway: It’s more the occasional, actual flower dotted through a hayfield than a big bouquet. I once stood in a Monet-esque hayfield (pictured above) in the Czech Republic, the warm breeze wafting through a stand of fragrant trees, and that’s what this scent reminds me of most.

The goop Clean Beauty Shop is full of purely delightful items that refuse to participate in the toxins-allowed corporate “beauty” industry, but, just as importantly, celebrate nature and celebrate the feminine. Like most clean beauty products, this cream has plenty of side benefits from its many healing essential oils and plant essences, but for me, it’s the moment of beauty and encouragement that has the biggest effect of all.

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