Off the West Coast of Canada lies a small, picturesque lavender farm woven between the ancient trees of Salt Spring Island. An earthy floral fragrance floats on the ocean breeze as rolling hills of lavender and immortelle flourish and entwine. A haven for bumble bees and other charming insects. This is the story of our Island Grown Botanicals. 

Island Grown Botanicals

Just a short ferry ride from Sangre de Fruta headquarters on Bowen Island, the lovely wife and husband team of Awatief and Ben created Lavender & Black. The dedicated founders share our affinity for the innate beauty of the natural world, and our conviction for natural, organic and sustainably farmed botanicals. Each island grown botanical is harvested and distilled with great care and deeply respected for its powerful healing and sensorial benefits.

Island Grown Immortelle


The immortal flower. Also known as Helichrysum, this beautiful sun-filled flower radiates everlasting vibrance, even when dried. As immortelle matures, the flowers become a deep golden yellow hue while the plant focuses its energy on filling its tiny oil reserves. It is harvested just beyond this point when it is most potent. Once distilled, the yield of oil is even less than English Lavender, making each drop extremely precious. This Southern Mediterranean botanical has a rich medicinal history, often used for wound healing in ancient cultures. Its powerful cell regenerative properties enhance healing and rejuvenation and bring your skin everlasting radiance. The fragrant notes are of warm spice, herbaceous hay, and succulent earthy fruit.


Neroli & Myrrh Face Wash

Magic Hour Face Cream



Nature’s true lavender. Also known as Maillette lavender. Contrary to what you may think, English lavender is not native to England, but rather the Mediterranean. The blossoms give off a pure lavender note which makes it ideal for relaxation, stress reduction and sleep. The scent of English lavender is more delicate than French lavender and produces only about one third of the oil, making it much more valuable. The island grown English lavender in our products has both strong floral and herbaceous tones, giving it an exotic complexity. 


Lavender by the Sea Botanical Tonic

Lavender by the Sea Botanical Body Cream

Lavender by the Sea Roll-On Essential Oil Perfume

Mille Fleurs Botanical Body Serum

Psyche, Voluptas and Solis Face Oils and Serum