“The goal is that my products work, of course, and make you look and feel your best but also that they make you feel like you’re indulging. My hope is that they maybe make people love themselves a little more.”


“Starkly Chic

“Luxuriously rich and gorgeously scented


“hyper sensorielle


“Loaded with fragrant flower and fruit oils and feels particularly indulgent when applied after a long bath.”

“appreciating the good things in life as a way of taking care of yourself”

“They leave my skin glistening and they smell amazing” — “old world apothecary-like charm”

“The balance between its power and delicacy is something only a gifted master could create”

“Think of this all-natural brand as more of an old-world apothecary-style line, with the luxury lying squarely in its unadulterated hedonistic approach to self-care.”


"I celebrate the unique beauty each customer possesses, and the holistic experience of using the product."

"Nightly ritual"

"Melts into your skin like butter"

"Best Body Serum" - Nylon Beauty Awards 2017

'Minimalist beauty packaging' 

"An exquisite whipped texture that is truly like nothing you’ve ever tried."


 "Great skin, and sweeter dreams"


"I live on an island on the west coast of B.C. and can see the ocean from my living room,” she says. “I don’t want anything I create to mess with it."





"It makes me feel like the sexy, confident, natural inhabitant of the world. And it makes my hair look great."